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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

‘Reshaping retail’: A conversation with Ahold CEO Dick Boer

In recent years, grocery retailers have had to adapt to drastic changes in the consumer’s behavior and expectations, the encroachment of new competitors luring away once-loyal supermarket shoppers, technological advances reshaping the retail landscape, and economic uncertainty that threatens to reduce already-thin margins. One retailer navigating these shifts is Netherlands-based Ahold, which operates approximately 3,000 stores—mainly supermarkets—across Europe and the United States.1 Dick Boer, who took the helm as CEO in March 2011 from his previous post as chief operating officer of Ahold Europe, recently sat down with McKinsey’s Klaus Behrenbeck at Ahold’s Amsterdam headquarters to discuss the company’s strategy.

Source: ‘Reshaping retail’: A conversation with Ahold CEO Dick Boer | McKinsey & Company

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