Succeeding In The Indian Market

In most conversations we have had with international brands in the last 2-3 years, India consistently appears on list of the top-5 markets in which to expand into.
The second most populous country in the world, India has a young population that offers a vibrant population mix that will provide a workforce and consumers in decades to come. There is steady growth in per capita income and a greater availability of credit, as well as a significant change in the consumers’ outlook to life that has propelled consumption levels.

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PSFK’s Future Of Retail Report

This 120 page report presents key trends and macro themes that retailers, service providers and product manufacturers can leverage to enhance the shopper experience in order to drive sales. This 2011 version of the Future of Retail report is designed to inspire anyone involved in creating touchpoints that lead a customer through the purchase path.

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Retail Store Integrates Mobile Phones For In-Store Purchases, Offline Delivery

South Korean mobile network operator, SK Telecom, has opened a high-tech retail outlet in Seoul named the Q-Store. This store leverages the power of smartphone technology by placing QR codes and NFC data loops onto the price tag of each product. Shoppers can choose to browse the shelves by scanning QR codes or by waving their phones over NFC tags.

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