Traditional POS is Dead

Mobile POS signals death of traditional POS. Shoppers don't love self-checkout, but they prefer it to long queues or dealing with associates. Fixed POS is expensive and bulky. Mobile POS frees floor space for other purposes and converts associates from being cashiers to being sales assistants that provide new levels of customer service and incremental basket sales. In addition to unplugging the POS, new alternatives are starting to take hold - thin client, POS as a service, and replacing POS software with e-commerce platforms.


Retailers Rekindle Personal Touch

In days of yore, retailers knew their customers. Sales clerks sent invitations to store events, called when items of interest arrived and had Rolodexes crammed with notes about shoppers' favorite brands and styles. That style of shopping -- an intimate experience, not an anonymous one -- has long been thought dead, driven to extinction by the invasion of the big-box retailer. But now retailers are hoping to recapture some of the old magic.

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