Procter & Gamble moves from soap operas to social media

Procter & Gamble, whose sponsorship and production of daytime TV dramas helped coin the term "soap operas," has pulled the plug after 77 years. Instead, the maker of Tide detergent, Ivory soap and Olay skincare is following its customers online with a big push on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Display windows seek niche in wired world

Even as consumers migrate to online discount sites and big-box stores, many retailers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating elaborate window displays with little evidence they do much if anything to boost holiday sales.
Experts say it's hard to tell whether retailers get a good return on such investments – and there is plenty of reason to think fancy windows draw mainly gawkers rather than shoppers.

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Retail Hacking

The latest Wired has a great piece by Matt Schwartz on what he terms “retail hacking”.
He describes a confluence of forces that have given rise to the emergence of consumers who will devote hours to hacking the system to get deals and how this world has been made accessible to masses of consumers through the efforts of new players like Groupon and Living Social.

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Changing The Face Of Retail: iPod As Mobile Point Of Sale

The Old Navy chain of stores is testing a mobile retail software called “ZipCheck” in collaboration with Apple that will see the iPod as a handheld POS (Point of Sale). Store clerks would carry the iPod Touch which will be attached to a barcode reader and credit card scanner and can print receipts wirelessly to in-store printers or to belt-mounted mini-printers that the staff can wear. This allows any customer to avoid the billing queue by simply walking up to a store employee and have them process the transaction and check out.

Changing The Face Of Retail: iPod As Mobile Point Of Sale - PSFK