Facebook’s new messaging service could deliver bad news to retailers

Facebook Inc. today announced plans to slowly roll out a new messaging system called Facebook Messages that melds text messages, instant messaging and e-mail. The service could make it more difficult for retailers to reach consumers via e-mail, experts say.

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The detail in retail

Between the dozen or so big chains including Pantaloon and Reliance Retail and all outlets that do a VAT billing, organised retail is estimated to be around $22 billion, a figure that’s around 5-6% of the total retail market of close to $400 billion in the country today. In August 2008, McKinsey had estimated that by 2015, India would become a $450 billion retail market, comparable in size to Italy ($462 billion). The total retail market is estimated to be growing at 7-8% and the share of organised retail is projected to touch 15% by 2015, from 2% in 2006 when the market was estimated at $250 billion.


How 50% Discounts Really Work

Looking for a good deal? How’s 50% off sound? Once a bargain-basement super-deal, getting half-off is now about what shoppers can – and should – expect from a sale, experts say. And in preparation for the holiday rush, stores have figured out how to give it to them and still turn a profit.

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