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The story of Indian retail is a complicated one. To put things in perspective, about 40% of the country’s total GDP of $1 trillion comes from retail sales to Indian consumers. The local, one-off corner stores account for more than 94% of this total retail sales of around $400 billion.
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How To Create A Commission Structure For Better Retail Salespeople

Commissioning sales works. Whether that means employees get an hourly rate and a % of sales they make, a bonus at the end of the month or a chance to win at trip. Call it what you want but the best bosses share the wealth, not hoard it.

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Teen Retailer American Eagle Outfitters Embraces Small Fries

American Eagle Outfitters last week opened "77kids," a new concept targeting apparel for children and babies. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, several teen chains are shifting resources to concepts targeting kids after finding little luck opening ones targeting adults.

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Pepsi reloads famed 'Diner' ad for new cola war

The cola wars are back, and this time they have zero calories but plenty of nostalgia. PepsiCo Inc. will premiere a revamped version of its "Diner" Super Bowl commercial on Monday night, pitting its Pepsi MAX against Coca-Cola's popular Coke Zero, a brand five times its size.

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BOGOs Redefined (Buy One, Give One)

A growing number of retailers are looking to appeal to consumers' generous side by turning the traditional notion of a BOGO (buy one, get one) on its head. Companies such as Whitten Grey's Project Little Grey Dress, Happy Blankie, TOMS and others are offering to give one item away to a needy child for every item purchased.

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Razor Burn: A Flood of Fancy Shavers Leaves Some Men Feeling Nicked

Shaving is big business. Gillette brings in more than $4 billion in annual sales; Schick sees sales of around $1 billion a year, according to analysts' estimates. Though the recession hurt sales of blades and boosted sales of cheaper disposable razors, the two companies still have a lock on the U.S. market. Gillette commands 70% of the razors-and-blades category, and Schick holds about 10%, according to market-data firm Euromonitor International Inc.

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Officials worry about consumers lost among the recalls

In a world where people resent being told what to do and buy, many now apparently resent being told to return items purchased that have been found to be flawed. Persuading the public to act on product recalls has become increasingly fraught as the number of recalls increases, according to a report in The Washington Post.
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U.S. 'Hard-Sell' Tactics Invades London

According to an article in the Daily Mail, "U.S.-style, hard-sell tactics" have crossed the ocean to British retailers. Although some of those practices mentioned included outright lying to a customer on how an apparel item looks on them to get a sale, it also included somewhat standard practices such as offering alternatives for desired items, suggesting complementary items for add-on sales, and recommending signing up for the store card for a discount.

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Making a case for FDI in retail

ndian shopkeepers are barefacedly, maliciously overcharging us simply because they can. No force – business or government – is there to stop them. And with most political parties in their pocket, they smugly believe they will never have to face the twin forces of competition and accountability.

That is why India needs to stand up for its beleagured 1.1 billion consumers, a third of whom are officially poor.

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Enhanced FDI in retail will transform rural economy

A re-orientation of the policy framework was the need of the hour and enhanced foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail would transform the rural economy and generate massive employment and opportunities for both rural and urban youth.
This was stated by Union Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma here on Wednesday. This was his first comments to a discussion paper released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) on Tuesday.

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Single format for Indus League menswear brands

Future Group’s Indus League Clothing has clubbed all its formal menswear brands under a single format called ‘Headquarters’ in a bid to get more footfalls. The company plans to open 10 retail stores under this format this year.
The Rs 310-crore Indus League owns brands such as Indigo Nation, Scullers, Jealous 21, Urbana, Urban Yoga, John Miller and Daniel Hechter.


It's a mixed bag for kiranas

“Our survival will be threatened if 100 per cent FDI in retail is allowed!” exclaims Mr Rajiv Singhal of Mediways, a grocery store in Delhi's Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension area. He points out how the entry of Reliance Retail around three years ago in the area has hit his business badly.
“We have had zero growth despite the addition of three new apartment complexes in the area,” he says.
“Now, if the Wal-Marts too come in, we will be completely wiped out,” he says. “I thought Ms Sonia Gandhi was on our side – I remember a promise she made when the Wal-Mart-Mittal tie-up was announced,” he adds, belligerence creeping into his voice.
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Spencer's goes off the beaten track

The RPG group’s retail chain wants apparel to account for a third of its revenue compared to just 10% now.
Iconic fashion brand, Bevery Hills Polo Club (BHPC), made its debut in Mumbai last week, courtesy Spencer’s Retail. The RPG group’s retail chain, which has a franchisee tie up with BHPC, wants to open 18 more such stores in the current financial year, taking the total number to 29. Spencer’s also has plans to open four exclusive stores of Ecko and two of Ladybird, in the National Capital Region.

Shoppers Stop changes gear

The premier department store chain is making rapid moves to get a bigger share of the customer's wallet.

The Raheja-owned Shoppers Stop, which was so far an up market department chain, is becoming a full service retailer soon. It is increasing its stake in the promoter group’s hypermarket chain Hypercity from 19 per cent to 51 per cent.

By doing so, Shoppers Stop will join the select league of retailers such as Kishore Biyani’s Future Group, Tata’s Trent and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail – all of whom operate both hypermarkets and department stores.

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Insights at the Speed of Shoppers' Lives

"For the first time ever, the speed and granularity of data available about shoppers exceeds our ability to deal with it. Store and loyalty data is available hourly for millions of shoppers and only technology can make sense of this volume of data. As the technology improves, those with access to it will enjoy great competitive advantage."
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What happens to traditional media when it goes digital?

Digital used to be synonymous with online but everything will become digital. Dave Poltrack from CBS predicts a huge increase in HD, 3D, and IPTV TV sales. David Verklin, President of Canoe Ventures talks about the interactive TV advertising experience that will be nationally available via Canoe (a joint venture of the biggest cable operators). video in Facebook? How about facebook built into your new 55″ HD 3D TV? The future of print media is being revolutionized by electronic readers like iPad. One can also imagine codes being inserted into print advertising or editorial pieces that, when captured by a smart phone, instantly leads to a multi-media experience or electronic coupon. Radio sees a digital path forward with servable audio streaming.

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As Mobile Shopping Takes Off, eBay Is an Early Winner

Tim L. Fields bids for jewelry, art, and antiques on eBay, sometimes in 30 to 40 auctions at a time. The New Orleans attorney spends hours in court and away from his PC, so he gets his shopping done using an eBay application on his iPhone that sends alerts when he's been outbid or when a sale is a bout to expire. "It's sort of an addiction," says Fields, who has used the eBay mobile app to buy a $15,000 set of antique French silver.

After losing ground to for years in online retailing, eBay has emerged as a leader in a new market: mobile commerce.