Wal-Mart seeks US govt help in getting into Indian retail market

The world's largest retailer Wal-Mart has solicited support from the US government for entering the multi-billion dollar Indian retail market, where foreign investment norms are posing hurdles to its entry.

The US-based Wal-Mart Stores, one of the world's top revenue grossers with over $400 billion of total annual sales and present in 15 countries, is lobbying hard with lawmakers here to help it expand into India, possibly through bilateral talks between the related authorities of the two countries.


Issey Miyake’s New Convenience Store-Inspired Shop

based on the concept of the japanese convenience store, 24 issey miyake shops combine
inexpensive prices, a large variety of colours and frequent changes in the product lineup.
nendo have created their latest store.

the miyake team wanted a new design concept for the 24 issey miyake shop in shibuya's
parco shopping complex, which includes a store that specially features miyake's new bilbao bag.


Retail’s sad tale: Sector still in turmoil

Most of the big retail brands are struggling to survive in India, as they are still figuring out which revenue models will work in the country

Remember when organised retail made its entry into the country, it was touted as the best thing that had ever happened to the industry? Now, the dust is settling and a number of large players in this segment are taking a serious re-look at their plans and are re-examining their revenue models as push has finally come to shove.

Retail’s sad tale: Sector still in turmoil

Most of the big retail brands are struggling to survive in India, as they are still figuring out which revenue models will work in the country

Remember when organised retail made its entry into the country, it was touted as the best thing that had ever happened to the industry? Now, the dust is settling and a number of large players in this segment are taking a serious re-look at their plans and are re-examining their revenue models as push has finally come to shove.


Redrawing plans to fill Gap in Indian apparel market

American clothing giant Gap Inc has revived plans to enter the Indian market . Gap Inc’s senior vice-president of international strategic alliances, Ron Young, was recently in the country on a fact-finding trip, suggesting that the company is making preliminary moves to set up shop in India.

Gap Inc’s team has sounded out prominent Indian apparel makers including Reliance Brands, Aditya Birla Nuvo-owned Madura Garments and the Future Group. No agreement has been sealed yet, apparel industry officials said seeking anonymity.
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Lotto extends its deal with Sports Lifestyle

Lotto Sport Italia SpA, the Italian sporting goods company, has signed a fifteen-year licensing agreement with the Indian company, Sports Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. Lotto Sport Italia and Sports Lifestyle, first collaborated in July 2007 and recently announced the extension of their licensing contract for the production and distribution of Lotto branded products in India to start from January 2011.

Sara Lee Drives Brand Growth by Leveraging Shopper Insights

Shopper insights have been on the radar screen of most CPG companies for several years.
But being aware of the wants, needs and motivations of shoppers is only the first step on the long road to success. Acting decisively on that information remains the key.

That’s the roadmap used by Sara Lee which credits its insights culture for building brands
such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm and Ballpark. This carefully-nurtured culture ensures
that strategies and marketing initiatives are grounded in consumer and shopper observation and feedback.

Grocers battle for your loyalty with price, value

For two years, grocery stores have sent customers this message: Shopping here will save you money.

Now, as some consumers appear once again willing to pay for ready-to-go-meals and service, grocers are trying to shape a new message: Value, not price, matters.

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Factory Outlets - Boon or Bane?

Nordstrom Inc and other U.S. retailers from Coach Inc and Nike Inc to Chico's FAS Inc and Saks Inc are expanding their outlet stores, with more and more merchandise made exclusively for those stores.

Storefront windows in the District are not what they used to be

Storefront windows aren't living up to the expectations of window shoppers. In the more urban parts of town, they still function in the old way, letting people covet goods and peer into the spectacle of shopping. But there is a new breed of window in town -- the empty, big-box, nothing-to-see-here window -- that is covered over from the moment a new retail store moves in.

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Brick-and-mortar retailers kick up sales with kiosks - JSOnline

"Can't find the size or color you need?" asks the loudspeaker in a Kohl's department store in Brookfield. The answer is just a click away, the voice advises, directing shoppers to a kiosk where they can order whatever they need and have it shipped home for free.

The kiosks are a place where brick-and-mortar retailing meets the Internet. It is a new initiative for Kohl's, aimed at boosting sales in whatever channel works for the customer: in the store or online.

The Top Mistakes of Independent Retailers

In his new book, The Retail Doctor's Guide to Growing Your Business: A Step-by-Step Approach to Quickly Diagnose, Treat, and Cure, Bob Phibbs explains the pitfalls many independent businesses fall into when running their businesses. The Retail Doc touches on hiring/training, merchandising, sales techniques, pricing and website presence.
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The Brilliance Of The Flagship Store

It’s the fashion world that created the concept of the flagship store, spaces where brands can showcase their ideas in purist perfection. Not just places to shop, these stores embody how designers and marketing chiefs want their brands to be seen. They also generate good PR.

Given all these upsides it’s surprising that it has taken brands from other sectors so long to adopt the idea, but now they are catching on.

6 Lessons In Successful Retailing From QVC

The power to turn the most resistant foe into a QVC shopper has made the network one of the most effective retailing machines ever invented. Founded by the same man who started the Franklin Mint, the company began broadcasting on November 24, 1986, when it sold $7,400 worth of merchandise. Since then, QVC—it stands for “Quality, Value, Convenience”—has become one of America’s largest jewelry retailers and a leading importer of Irish goods, and has earned other superlatives too numerous to elaborate.


Shoppers Check Out of Stores Via Cell Phone - BusinessWeek

Credit-card issuers are testing "contactless commerce" that lets consumers pay for purchases with a chip affixed to their cell phones
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Ambani brothers decide to bury differences

Striking a cordial note, the warring Ambani brothers today agreed to dump their differences and non-compete agreements saying this would eliminate any room for further "disputes".

Announcing that they would also expeditiously negotiate gas supply agreement in accordance with the Supreme Court order earlier this month, the groups of both Mukesh and Anil vowed to fulfill vision of their father Dhirubhai Ambani, after whose death they separated following (rpt following) an acrimonious fight.


Facebook Shopping: Payvment Snares $1.5 Million Investment

More than 20,000 mom-and-pops and small retailers have started hawking real goods on Facebook in the past five months, thanks to an e-commerce platform called Payvment. And with a $1.5 million investment the big brands are coming soon, said the startup's CEO, Christian Taylor.


Markets offer innovative ways to save time for shoppers

Smart shoppers make lists, clip coupons and buy in bulk because it can save money.

But it doesn't always save time.

Many grocery chains in Michigan are catering to time-starved shoppers (or those who just don't like grocery shopping) with new technology and services to make grabbing groceries easier and faster.


P&G Opens Online Product Store

The world's largest consumer products maker says its online shopping store is open for business.

Procter & Gamble Co. said Wednesday the "eStore" is up and running for the general public after months of testing. The Cincinnati-based maker of such household brands as Tide detergent, Pampers diapers, and Olay skin cream has jumped into online retailing with a site operated by Plano, Texas-based PFSweb.
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We Have Met Retail’s Future, and it is Sears. (Yes, Sears.)

Remember when retailers lived from one individual success to another and, if something wasn’t working, they just made sure not to do it again the next year? If that were still the way things worked in retail, it would be easy to feel sorry for Sears. What with Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Home Depot gnawing at its once robust appliance business and it’s softer side getting scratched beyond recognition by nimble vertical players and brand-crazed mid-tiers—Sears hasn’t made a highly-publicized brand deal since it snatched up sensible Lands End . . . and then there are the depressing stores themselves, which seem to manage to be cavernous and crowded at the same time (but alas, not usually with shoppers).

No more free lunches at restaurants

As restaurants climb out of the latest bruising recession, they are working to wean customers off the deep discounts and margin-eroding deals that have become common, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

Expect to see more breakfast items and outlets, more premium products and more snack items on menus, said Bonnie Riggs, NPD’s restaurant analyst and author of the just-released study, “Light at the End of the Tunnel ... What Can We Expect.”


Digital Revolution Shakes Foundations of Book Retailing

In the massive new Barnes & Noble superstore on Manhattan's Upper East Side, generous display space is devoted to baby blankets, Art Deco flight clocks, stationery and adult games like Risk and Stratego.

The eclectic merchandise, which has nothing to do with books, may be a glimpse into the future of Barnes & Noble Inc., the nation's largest book chain.

The Shift Toward Customer-Focused Assortments

Assortment management is an ever-evolving field. Many in our industry are old enough to remember the development of the supermarket format, its mission being to provide all things to all customers. The last decade saw the coming of age of a more consumer-centric discipline that, with the help of new science, is now achieving widespread acceptance.


10 Types of Shoppers in 2010

The modern grocery shopper has evolved considerably, under recent social and economic pressures, and the competitive set of food-retailing venues needs to evolve as well. With limited-assortment stores providing a new model for convenience, and chains like Trader Joe's raising the bar on the in-store experience, traditional supermarkets have to do more than ever to compete for the attention of the consumers of 2010 and beyond.

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'Frugal Fatigue' Spurs Specialty Apparel Retailers

Customers are spending more at chains like Gap and Urban Outfitters. But can their recovery continue with joblessness still high?


Retailers tap tech to cut costs

With competition in the retail space getting fiercer,retailers are exploring synergies with technology majors to increase operational efficiencies and reduce downtime.
"The burgeoning industry,which is adding new customers at every income strata,should evangelize frugal innovation to accelerate growth,"said Nasscom president Som Mittal at the two-day Retail Technology Conclave that began in the city on Thursday.


The Regional Mall Recasts Itself

With discounters positioned as anchors and the influx of food, entertainment and service providers as tenants, U.S. regional malls apparently reinvented themselves to sufficiently weather the recession.
Already feeling pressure from diminishing traffic, population shifts and anchor consolidation, regional malls were said to be in a precarious state entering the downturn. But an article in Stores Magazine indicates optimism on the fate of the channel is improving. Susan Reda, executive editor, wrote, "They are once again attracting shoppers, now with a mix of tenants that includes everything from a tattoo shop to an MBA program, overhauled anchor spaces recast as gourmet food emporiums, over-sized specialty shops and fresh takes on services and entertainment that range from health clubs to high-end movie theaters."

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Macy's Testing Self-Serve Beauty Concept

Macy's is debuting a new self-serve beauty department in select stores around the country. The concept, which coexists with beauty counters, showcases aisle displays of smaller brands, many of which are entering Macy's for the first time.

According to a report in Women's Wear Daily, the assisted, open-sell concept, called Impulse Beauty, is currently in around 15 locations although plans call for another 40 by the close of the year.


Future Of Retail: Product & Health Information Brought To The Forefront Of Purchase Displays

The UK has adopted policy requiring nutritional information to be displayed on the packaging of ready-made meals, giving consumers more data and context surrounding the foods that they eat. These kinds of ideas are now spreading to the US, as lawmakers consider making it required that large restaurant chains include similar information at point-of-purchase displays.


Future Of Retail: Selling Transparency

New vegetarian restaurant chain, Otarian, opened its first location in New York City earlier this week, placing its sustainability and eco-friendly values front and center – the carbon footprint of every item it serves is clearly displayed on the menu. The idea is to educate its customers about the environmental impacts of what they eat and encourage them to reduce the amount of meat in their diet by showing the amount of carbon saved by selecting veggie options over comparable meat-based dishes. In an effort to further this agenda, the company sources locally whenever possible, going so far as to forgo the use of air freight for any ingredients that needs to shipped across the globe. Otarian has also undertaken a holistic approach to their restaurant that goes beyond food, incorporating recycled materials into the store design wherever possible.

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Online Shoppers Value Reviews, Ratings, Search

Online research is central to consumer shopping behavior: 50% of online shoppers say they conduct research online for at least one-half of their purchases, and 64% consistently read online reviews prior to making product purchase decisions, according to an e-tailing group and PowerReviews study slated for release in early May.

Online shoppers prefer research conducted on the Web because it saves them time and increases their confidence in purchase decisions, the study found.

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Store Trumps TV for Making Consumers Aware of Package Goods

Think TV is the best channel for building awareness? Think again.

Over the past decade, the store has become the single leading driver of awareness of new package-goods products, significantly surpassing TV.

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Future Group, Carrefour ink retail alliance

After years of negotiations with more than a dozen potential Indian partners, Europe’s biggest retailer Carrefour SA has forged an alliance with Kishore Biyani’s Future Group, which runs India’s largest store chain, according to two persons familiar with the development.

Future Group will open Carrefour-branded franchise stores in the country under a deal signed three months ago, said the two persons, who spoke on condition of anonymity because an announcement is yet to be made.

Future Group plans to open between 150 and 300 Carrefour-branded hypermarkets in the next five years, said one of the two persons.

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