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Friday, January 29, 2010

Advertising - Madison Avenue Is Asking - Will You Be My Frugal Valentine? - NYTimes.com

Valentine’s Day is always among the most commercialized holidays on the marketing calendar, offering retailers and advertisers a chance to extract money from those consumers who have managed to refill bank accounts after depleting them for Christmas shopping. The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans spent $14.7 billion last year on Valentine’s Day purchases


Govt won’t be able to introduce GST in April ‘10:

Eminent tax professionals have asserted at a conference on ‘Proposed GST -- Next Steps’ organized by Indian Merchants’ Chamber that the Government would not be able to introduce Goods & Services Tax (GST) on the targeted date of 1st April 2010, because not only there are disagreements on major conceptual issues, but also there is the complex issue of formulation of the ground level rules to suit requirements of diverse economic and social sectors in different states. And at the top of it all, the change would also require amendment of Constitutional provisions, which is admittedly a difficult and time-consuming process.


Lessons from carrefour

Carrefour, the world's second largest retailer, is all set to enter India – it will launch its own cash and carry venture this year. The buzz about the French retail giant finally tying the knot with Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is also getting louder.


Convenience still important to consumers

While “value” may be the buzzword of the year for cash-strapped consumers and the restaurants that serve them, two reports released Wednesday indicated that convenience is another factor nearly as important for many adults making food choices.

One third of adults are “convenience consumers,” according to market research firm The NPD Group, which on Wednesday released a report called “The Many Facets of Convenience.” These consumers ranked convenience as most important in choosing the foods they eat, both in supermarkets and restaurants.


Can shipping costs affect online sales?

If this past holiday’s trend is any indication, consumers love free shipping. But to what extent do shipping costs actually factor into a consumer’s decision to purchase online? A fair amount, according to the most recent Compete Online Shopper survey.

A main finding of the study is that shipping costs not only weigh heavily on consumers’ decision to purchase products online, but it also impacts consumer satisfaction. E-commerce is all about convenience and price; additional shipping costs contradict both of these features. For small purchases, an extra $5 shipping charge could amount to a 20%-50% premium, which is bound to leave a sour taste in any consumer’s mouth. But while charging for shipping is seen as a negative, there is an upside to this standard practice—free shipping can win you big points with consumers.


How important are a retailer’s best shoppers?

They account for a large chunk of the store’s revenue, according to Michael Schiff of Partners in Loyalty Marketing. “What would happen if all those people went away?  You wouldn’t have a business left.”  

William Young of Concept Shopping advises retailers to spend the lion’s share of their time, effort and promotional dollars on their top-spending, loyal customers. “It costs about five times as much to win a new customer as to keep a current one,” he said. 

Apple's iPad: Magical, Revolutionary and Cheap (Really)

Apple has long been known for outstanding design and product reliability at a premium price to competitive products that follow its lead. Now, Apple is out front with a new item that apparently it has no lack of superlatives to describe. However, the claim that may resonate with most consumers is low price. Yes, that's right, Apple's new iPad tablet computing system is pretty cheap, starting out at $499 retail.

"iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, in a press release. "iPad creates and defines an entirely new category of devices that will connect users with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before."

In many ways, as an article on Macworld.com points out, the new iPad splits the difference between Apple's iPhone and its MacBook laptop. The question is whether sales of the iPad will pull from those other products or if the company will draw enough new customers to compensate for any drain on their sales.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

U.S. Retail Credit Card Defaults Hit Near-Record Levels with No Relief in Sight - Insurancenewsnet.com

U.S. consumers defaulted on store-branded credit cards at near-record levels during the holiday shopping season, with 2010 likely to bring more of the same trend, according to Fitch Ratings.

Fitch's December Retail Credit Card Index results show that more than one in every eight dollars of receivables was written off as uncollectable during the November collection period on an annualized basis. Taken with the recent delinquency trends and Fitch's expectation for unemployment, Fitch expects retail card chargeoffs to remain elevated throughout first half-2010.


Wal-Mart cuts about 11,200 Sam's Club staffers - Yahoo! Finance

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will cut about 11,200 jobs at Sam's Club warehouses as it turns over the task of in-store product demonstrations to an outside marketing company.

The move is an effort to improve sales at Sam's Club and comes on top of a decision to close 10 underperforming warehouse locations, which cost 1,500 jobs.


Regional Manager - Jewellery Store Operations (North)

Reliance Retail Operates in multiple formats acroos India. Currently this oppertunity is with Reliance Jewels Format which runs multimple Jewellery specialty store across India.
Designation Regional Manager - Jewellery Store Operations (North)

Retail giants aim for India

Many of the world's biggest multinational retailers are seeking to heighten their presence in India, which is regarded as a key future market in a number of product categories.

According to Technopak, the consultancy, just 8% of retail revenues in the Asian nation are generated through the "organised" sector at present, with this figure falling to almost zero in many rural areas.

Thrift stores thrive in sour economy

While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, one Collingswood store is thriving in these harsh economic times.

Friends in Deed, a nonprofit thrift store on Haddon Avenue, went from $30,000 a year in sales five years ago to $96,000 in 2009.


Is The Retail World Ready for Digital Receipts?

During the checkout process today, consumers often leave the store with a paper receipt longer than their arm. Not only does this process fly in the face of the green movement, it is also inconvenient for consumers to store and manage reams of paper from different merchants.
Apple and a few other retailers have started to shorten the paper trail by encouraging consumers to have a PDF of their receipt emailed to them. However, the entrance of software giant Intuit into the digital receipt space could usher in a more dramatic shift to paperless checkouts. During this past holiday season, Intuit launched a pilot program in the Scottsdale, AZ market to test the waters for the launch of QuickReceipts.


Prototype - Seeing Customers as Partners in Innovation - NYTimes.com

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In a world of online user communities, social media, interactive blogs and other technological means for companies to elicit customer feedback, you might think that face-to-face interaction is a thing of the past. Think again.

As a company, 3M is at the forefront of a movement that appears to be gaining traction: customer innovation centers, typically located near company research facilities, that provide a forum for meeting with corporate customers and engaging them directly in the innovation process.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Vietnam Retail market rises above global crisis

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Vietnam ’s retail market weathered the global financial crisis to reach a year on year sales growth rate of 18.6 percent in 2009.

The figures are of great significance as the world’s major markets, including the US , Japan , the Republic of Korea and the European Union, saw minus growth rates, heard experts at a seminar in Hanoi January 22.

More here

Rising above the recession

After retailers boxed up the holiday decorations and refreshed their store shelves with merchandise for the new year, they all faced the same question: what's the outlook for 2010? Many signs point to gradual recovery. The National Retail Foundation is forecasting modest improvement from last year, though nowhere close to the 5 percent to 6 percent sales growth during the boom years before the recession. "There's some optimism coming out of the fourth quarter (2009) results," said Greg Palme, Orange County retail specialist for Deloitte.
Here's a look ahead at the issues retailers are facing:


Why Warren Buffett believes Cadbury's sale is a lousy deal for Kraft shareholders

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Warren Buffett told the business TV channel CNBC on Thursday that the 850p a share Kraft agreed to pay for Cadbury is a ‘bad deal’ and, given a chance, he would vote against it.

From the perspective of a Cadbury shareholder, this dismissal from the American investment genius – and Kraft’s biggest single shareholder – may seem astonishing.


Dubai Shopping Festival 2010 retail registrations cross 2500 in two weeks

Registrations from retail outlets to participate in the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2010 promotional campaign has crossed 2500 in just two weeks since the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment began receiving applications.

Many more retail outlets are expected to be part of the 15th edition of DSF that begins on Jan 28 and goes on till February 28.

Need for ”Supplier Relationship Management” in Retail

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is regarded as key to the success of any Retailer. Most of the retailers across the globe are investing in Customer Retention and Loyalty Building Programs. In case of a Specialty Retailer who caters a niche variety of product, these can be achieved by well designed CRM Program. But in case of Large Format Retailers like Wal-Mart, Tesco, IKEA or Big Bazaar for that matter, it will not be solely depend on CRM, though it plays an important role. Customers of such Retailers expect Best deal in comparison to others and 24X7 Availability of products. Thus Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) plays pivotal role in success of Large Format Retailers.


Retail chains want special packs

Smarting from competition from neighbourhood grocery stores, organised retail chains such as Big Bazaar, More and Spencer’s are lobbying fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) giants like Procter & Gamble and Hindustan Unilever (HUL) to come out with special pack sizes of their popular brands which will be available only in the organised retail formats.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

The second rung of retail players is shaking things up. Can they take the next leap?

An upwardly mobile population makes Bangalore's suburb Jaya-nagar a lip-smacking catchment area for organised retailers. The significance of this 'must-have' location was not lost on Indian retail's biggies Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar, Aditya Birla Group and Spencer's Retail. By 2007, all four had already set up 5,000-6,000 sq. ft supermarkets in the area. But the stores were still to break even when they had to deal with a new contender. Dubai-based Micky Jagtiani's Landmark Group started its 70,000 sq. ft hypermarket in collaboration with Dutch retail chain Spar in the locality in 2007.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadian retail sales join many other indicators on an upward trend

In the ongoing effort to monitor where consumer spending is headed, Statistics Canada reported that retail sales in November 2009 declined 0.3% versus October. However, this left them 1.2% ahead of November 2008.
On a three-month moving-average “smoothed” basis (-1.0%), total retail sales were almost back to even, year over year. They had been as bad as -5.7% in February.
Total retail sales have been on an improving trend and “smoothed” auto and parts sales have been a big part of the reason. Motor vehicle sales did idle in November, however.

Read it here...

Subhiksha preparing to re-open in Chennai?

As per a report in Mint, a year after shortage of cash forced Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd to close its nationwide network of 1,600 supermarket stores the retailer is making efforts to revive business. The retailer is planning to start from scratch by reopening a handful of outlets in Chennai.
R. Subramanian, the retailer’s managing director, and unnamed shareholders will fund the re-launch of four to five Subhiksha branded outlets. As per the report N. Saravana Kumar, who owns the property in Chennai’s Thiruvanmiyur neighborhood where Subhiksha opened its first outlet in 1996, confirmed witnessing “activities” at the store.

Indian market holds multinationals at bay

In India, Marks and Spencer has learned that small and easily overlooked details can determine whether sales are made. Take, for example, men’s shirts. In the UK, only a third of M&S shirts have pockets. But in sweltering India, where jackets are required only on formal occasions, most men want a pocket on their shirt for handy storage.

Odyssey forays into lifestyle retailing with ‘Editions’


Diversifying its retail operations, Odyssey India Ltd (OIL) has forayed into lifestyle retailing with the launch of its first premium / luxury pen store Editions. A wholly owned subsidiary of Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd, this will be Odyssey’s second retail venture out of books, music, gifts etc. The first one was its foray into hi-fashion, designer sunglasses and prescription eyewear segment with ‘The Eyewear Store’.

Gitanjali acquires Salasar Retail

Gitanjali Group the pioneers in diamond and jewellery manufacturing in India has acquired a 76 per cent stake in Salasar Retail Ltd. The acquisition is part of the group’s retail expansion strategy of acquiring a chain of mid-sized department stores across India. The group plans to roll out multi-format retail stores under the name ‘Maya’. The stores called ‘Maya by Gitanjali Lifestyle’ will offer jewellery and other lifestyle products.
Salasar has 10 stores in northern India, with 200,000 sq ft of the area under operation. This move by the Gitanjali Group will help it gain access to prime customers in Delhi, Cuttack, Kanpur, and Gwalior among others. Gitanjali also plans to open Maya stores in other parts of the country.

Campbell Business Tip - The New CampbellsKitchen.com - Enhancing the relevance of home cooking.

For today's consumers, value is king -- and the retailers that provide value oriented solutions to their shoppers are converting value into growth. Recent Nielsen research indicates that it is in fact the "edible departments" - including center store categories - that are driving food, drug and mass channel dollar growth during the recession.

d it here...

Store Brands and International Retailer Growth Expected in India in 2010


Store brands proliferation and growth of international retail brands are expected to be a big focus in the Indian retail sector in 20101, an industry consultant told the Business Standard (India).

Carrefour spurned as it wanted majority

French retailer Carrefour Group was keen to acquire a majority interest in Spencer’s Retail Ltd, which runs some 220 retail stores across India, but the RP Goenka Group, which founded and runs Spencer’s, spurned the offer, its vice-chairman Sanjiv Goenka claimed on Friday.

A spokesperson for Carrefour said in an emailed statement that her company was studying the market but did not wish to make any comment on its activities in the country.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bharti Walmart expands business in Punjab

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Bharti Walmart Private Limited, the joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Walmart Stores Inc for wholesale cash and carry and back-end supply chain management operations, today opened its Agricultural Co-operative Centre in Sirhind (Punjab) near Chandigarh.

According to a press communication released by the company, the Agricultural Co-operative Centre aims to build a robust aggregating, handling, packaging and delivery system of fresh produce to Best Price and Bharti Retail’s Easyday stores.

Supermarket banking - A Study of Walmart

The complementing of retail services with banking functions is age old. The neighbourhood kirana store has been giving monthly credit to housewives for generations and the tradition still continues. In fact recognizing the reach and strength of the kirana stores the Reserve Bank of India has proposed that they act as low value ATM from which a customer can withdraw money.


Barbie may go for sarees and bindis

UK’s iconic toy brand Hamleys plans to be in India and in Middle East market only, to learn business in diversified market in initial years before looking towards other lucrative emerging market for growth. To give Indian appeal with true Hamleys experience, company is planning to create India centric toys with price point that can suits to all kind of consumer.

Reliance Retail Limited Launches Its First Automotive Speciality Store “reliance Autozone” in Jamnagar

Reliance Retail launched its first automotive speciality store Reliance Autozone, at Jamnagar. Spread over an area of 15000 sq ft this unique facility is located adjacent to Reliance Mart, the hypermarket. Reliance Autozone offers 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler services under one roof along with retailing of tyres, batteries and a wide range of automotive accessories. Commenting on the launch Mr. Arun Dey, Chief Executive of Reliance Retail (Automotive Business) said รข€œReliance Autozone will give the customers unmatched Value Proposition. Our vision is to create customer delight by delivering world class automotive products & services with wide choice at best prices.

Tech-aided sports shoes gain in pace

Aspirational lifestyle is creating a great demand for casual footwear as against the traditional favourites, formal and functional footwear.

Sports footwear is proving to be an even bigger draw, and is the fastest moving footwear category growing at 30 per cent per annum. The overall Rs 14,000 crore shoe market is chugging along at a steady 15-20 per cent in India.

Mills to malls: Lots of smoke, lots of fire

The burning of Gold Mohur, a defunct textile mill in the central Mumbai suburb of Dadar, has brought to the fore the dark underbelly of the transformation of parts of India’s financial capital from hubs of manufacturing to tony residential and commercial complexes.

There is no suggestion that the fire which seems to have more or less destroyed the mill was anything but an accident. Officials of the National Textile Corporation, or NTC, which holds a 51% stake in the mill, strongly denied allegation by local people that the mill had been “deliberately” burnt down.

Indus League to open 18 new EBOs, eyes Tier-II cities

Indus League Clothing, the Future Group company, currently operating in around 100 exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) across India, is planning to add another 18 to 20 new exclusive showrooms for its brands -- Daniel Hechter, Indigo Nation and Scullers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indian market holds multinationals at bay

In India, Marks and Spencer has learned that small and easily overlooked details can determine whether sales are made. Take, for example, men’s shirts. In the UK, only a third of M&S shirts have pockets. But in sweltering India, where jackets are required only on formal occasions, most men want a pocket on their shirt for handy storage.

For its first eight years in India, M&S, the mainstay of the British high street, paid little heed to this. Operating through an Indian franchisee, Planet Retail, M&S stocked its 16 Indian stores with apparel reflecting UK consumer tastes.

Retailers plan R-day discounts to boost sales

Consumers reeling under inflationary pressure can expect some relief on their daily consumption basket with major retail chains planning to offer attractive deals and huge discounts on essentials like food and clothing, and others like high-value consumer durables, appliances and home care products around the Republic Day. Food inflation is hovering over 17% mainly due to increase in prices of pulses, sugar, onions and potatoes.

Future group's home retailing sees turnaround

Kishore Biyani’s Future Group has seen a turnaround in home retailing after months of decline, on the back of improved consumer sentiments and focused merchandising plans, a key group executive said.

Home retailing was a laggard among the group’s flagship Pantaloon Retail’s three business segments — value, lifestyle and home. The home segment registered nearly 10 per cent fall every month since November 2008. It had stopped giving same-store numbers since June 2009.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kraft buys Cadbury for £11.9bn

Cadbury has agreed today to be taken over by US food giant Kraft for £11.9bn. Here are the key questions about the deal answered.


Getting Social Media into the eCommerce Loop

Social commerce" is a term that may be new to many, although a Wikipedia article claims it entered the lexicon in late 2005, coined by venture capitalist David Beisel. Originally, references were limited to third-party recommendation and review sites, but the term now encompasses "collaborative commerce activities such as social shopping (co-browsing), collaborative purchasing (collective buying power), collaborative filtering (social recommendations), and collaborative funding (e.g. Crowdfunder)," according to the Wikipedia entry.

Affluent Sick and Tired of Frugal Living

Luxury consumer brands and the retailers that sell them were among the hardest hit during the economic downturn. But, now that the economy is slowly picking up there are signs that affluent consumers and those who aspire to shop like them are going back to a whole host of upscale specialty and department stores -- and not just their outlets.

Starbucks to Close Seattle-Based Call Center, Many U.S. Retailers in Similar Fix

As many call centers around the U.S. are shutting down and offshoring operations to other countries, it comes as no surprise when the coffee giant Starbucks announced that it would close its Seattle call center and outsource center to a third party.


Al-Futtaim reiterates its support for DSF 2010

Al-Futtaim has announced the reiteration of its support for the upcoming 15th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival as a key sponsor. The group, one of the region’s largest family owned businesses, has sponsored DSF since its first edition in 1996.
Dubai Festival City, the flagship property of Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate – an Al-Futtaim division - will once again be the hub of major activities during DSF 2010 which reconfirms the award-winning destination’s position as a leading venue for quality shopping, restaurants and entertainment.


Carrefour sees Future in India, may ink JV soon

Carrefour, Europe’s biggest retail chain, has agreed with Kishore Biyani of Pantaloon Retail to set up franchisee stores in India after six years of wandering in the world’s second-fastest growing nation for partnerships, including with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail and real estate group DLF.

Reliance Retail hiring professionals from Thailand

Reliance Retail is slowly filling its top slots with professionals from Thailand, a country whose retail market once used to resemble

India’s with its freshly-minted organised players hemmed in by a well-entrenched network of neighbourhood stores.

The firm has already hired at least 10 people in key roles — all of them from Thailand’s Tesco Lotus. Around 20-25 more are expected to join in the coming months to run its value formats, confirmed two persons on condition of anonymity since they are not authorised to speak to the media.

Microstar International (MSI) launches 'wind' netbooks in India

Microstar International (MSI), one third of the Taiwanese triumvirate involving Acer and Asus credited with creating the 'netbook revolution', has finally decided India is too big a market to ignore.

The company, whose 'Wind' netbooks are one of the best-selling netbook brands in most parts of the World, has attacked the Indian market with not just Atom-based netbooks, but also two based on AMD chips.

The Future, On Sale: The Indian Retail Market

Increasingly, the verve of the modern Indian economy is anchored in the growing buying power and affluence of the country’s domestic consumers. As products fly off the shelves at unprecedented rates, the Indian retail market has gained both in size—12 percent growth in 2008—and in importance—12 percent of GDP. It has become one of the hallmarks of Indian economic prowess and a harbinger of the country’s future economic success. Though it suffered a temporary slowdown in 2009, the retail market is poised to rebound strongly in 2010 and experience accelerated growth in the decade to come. This South Asia Monitor is part of the South Asia Program’s effort to provide an in-depth perspective on India’s economic future by examining the developments in a particular facet of the Indian economy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Footfalls are back

The organised retail sector, which bounced back somewhat in the three months to September 2009, posting double-digit topline growth, should turn in an even better performance in the quarter ended December 2009. After all, economic growth was gathering momentum, there had enough liquidity in the banking system, stock markets were on a roll and companies had started hiring once again. As such, consumers had regained confidence and were willing to spend; the festive season, which set in earlier than usual last year, had seen spends go up.

Indian Retail Industry in Consolidation Mode


India's organised modern retail, which took a fair whipping over the last year thanks to the economic slowdown, is still looking forward to a good two-three years starting 2010. The retail industry is projecting Rs 53,500 crore in revenues by 2013, of which organised retail expects to capture 20 per cent. Its current share is a mere five per cent of the Rs 41,000 crore pie. Organised modern retail people argue that despite the slowdown, the industry grew by around 12 per cent.

Stores within bigger stores seem to pump up sales

It seems almost counterproductive.

A grocery store with shelves of coffee for sale offers a Peet's Coffee & Tea stand selling fresh-brewed java and coffee beans.

A department store with yards of makeup counters installs a ministore selling handmade soap and natural cosmetics.

Turns out, the more the merrier. The more coffee brands, the more customers. The more makeup lines, the more hand lotion, the more food choices, the more sales.

Target Denies Report of India Technology Unit Sale to Wipro

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Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Target Corp., the second-largest U.S. discount chain, denied a newspaper report that it plans to sell its India technology unit to software maker Wipro Ltd.

P&G to Launch Online 'Learning Lab'

Procter & Gamble has built its business on consumer insights and the company is looking to gain even more with a new "eStore." Selling directly to consumers, the online store will feature its top brands, including Crest, Gillette, Olay, Pampers and Tide.

Wal-Mart to Centralize Global Sourcing, Reduce Use of Middlemen

Wal-Mart in early January announced a sweeping plan to consolidate its global procurement functions and reduce the use of intermediaries in its global sourcing processes, leading to savings of billions of dollars per year.

Walgreen Exploring the Sale of Prepared Meals and Fresh Foods


Walgreen Co. is planning to roll out fresh foods and prepared meals in all its stores. Bryan Pugh, vice president of merchandising, told Bloomberg News, "Everyone is time-starved, and we have the most convenient 7,000 locations in the U.S. They're on-the-way-home destinations that are easy to get in and out of and will provide a good value."

ESL: The (Seemingly Endless) Search for Retail Adoption

Once again this year, there are new companies introducing new electronic shelf label (ESL) systems that they hope will - once and for all - replace paper labels at the shelf edge in supermarkets.

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail Limited scores a ton with Reliance Jewels

The competition in the branded jewelry segment in India is about to intensify with the Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) recently declaring its mega foray into Jewelry Retail by opening 100 exclusive ‘Reliance Jewels’ outlets across the country in coming three years.


STORE MANAGER BIG BAZAAR - MUMBAI ( min 10 yrs exp in operations req)

Experience: 10 - 15 Years
Location: mumbai maharashtra
Compensation:Rupees 7,00,000 - 10,00,000
LOcations - mumbai & rest of maharsahtra (anywhere). Interviews will be held in mumbai. Outstation candidates will have to attend interview at their own cost. Candidates with less than 10 yrs exp need not apply. Pls send cv with CTC details.
Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization
PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization
Industry Type:Retail
Role:Retail Store Mgr
Functional Area:Sales, BD
Posted Date:07 Jan

Job Description
Desired Candidate Profile
male, grad/PG with min 10 yrs of exp in retail or sales ops.
Outstation candidates willing to relocate can apply but
will need to attend interview at mumbai at their own cost.
excellent english comm & man mgmt skills
people from hyperstores pref.
Company Profile
BIg Bazaar, a Rs 1200 cr group, is India’s leading retailer.

Contact Details

Company Name:


Email Address:
Reference: BB/SS/MUM

VVF pips Reliance Retail to acquire 3 Henkel brands

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Mumbai-based VVF Ltd beat Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail to acquire three brands from detergent and home care company Henkel India, namely Aramusk and Moloy soaps and Mahabringol hair oil.

Retail Head for US MNC in Mumbai

Job Description
The Marketing Manager (LFR) will be wearing multiple hats, including being the key account manager for LFR accounts like e-Zone, Croma, Reliance, Staples etc.
Experience : 12 - 14 yrs
Job Category - Retail Chains/ Shops
Salary -
Location - Mumbai

Send resumes to intelliretail@gmail.com

Retailers offer freebies, discount to spur sales

For retailers, every occasion to celebrate is appropriate to do big business. This year, the Republic Day falls soon after weekend and top retailers are hiking their advertising and marketing spends by an additional 30% to 50% on offering huge discount offers, freebies to woo customers and spur sales. Before the last Republic Day, they were not so enthusiastic due to the economic slowdown, and rather preferred to maintain their consumer offers to certain categories only.

An interesting categorization of employees inspired from Ramayana...

According to an article in the recent Business Today's 18th Anniversary issue, Kishore Biyani, MD, Pantaloon Retail (India) elicits an interesting categorization of employees based on Ramayana inspired characters:
Rama: Employees who follow the company rules.
Krishnas: They are the ones who do not follow all the rules, but work in the interest of the company.
Ravanas: They are those who have their own rules and follow them.
Duryodhanas: They have no rules and follow none.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Singapore retail sales slump eases in November - BusinessWeek

The slump in Singapore retail sales slowed in November as the city-state's economy gradually recovers from recession.

Sales fell 1.4 percent from a year earlier after dropping 4.6 percent in October and 12 percent in September, the statistics department said Friday. Sales rose a seasonally adjusted 1.2 percent from October.


Food processing industry growth linked to retail

Growth of food processing sector in India is directly linked to growth in retail industry, 14 percent of the growth that comes for the food processing industry is directly linked to retail, according to Subodh Kant Sahai, India Minister for Food Processing Industry.

100 Reliance Jewels outlets in 3 years

Enthused by good sales in the past few months, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail Lifestyle is planning to increase the number of Reliance Jewels outlets to 100 by 2013, a top company official said on Sunday.


Reliance Retail Opens “istore” in Hyderabad

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Reliance Retail today opens doors to one more of its Retail formats, the ‘iStore’, at Shop No.1C, Grd. Floor, Ashoka Metropolitan Mall, Rd. No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. This format is an offering from Reliance Digital, the consumer durable information technology arm of Reliance Retail.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

ITC plans major push in hotels biz

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In July 2009, when the Indian hotel industry was going through a slump thanks to the economic meltdown, ITC chairman YC Deveshwar surprised shareholders at the 98th annual general meeting with his aggressive stance on the sector. He said the company had earmarked close to Rs 10,000 crore to invest in new properties over the next 7-10 years. “We are hungry for growth,” he told shareholders.

Retail giants bullish on private labels

With rising demand for cost-effective private labels and brands, branded retail giants are betting big on increasing consumption of private labels along with brands by launching new sub brands, apart from expanding the product portfolio under private brands. The demand for private labels and brands grew 40% during Q2 2009-10, experts say.


Friday, January 15, 2010


U.S. retail sales came in weaker for December, at -0.3% MoM versus the +0.5% consensus estimate; excluding autos and gas, retail sales came in at -0.2% instead of +0.3%, as was widely expected; so across the board, a very soft print. Cushioning the blow was the upward revision to November, to +1.8% MoM on the headline from +1.3%; and +1.0% on the ex-autos/gas segment from +0.6% initially.


The Exuberant Age of Retail in India

India has stepped in the exuberant age of retail. It ranks second after Russia as the most alluring destination for retailers among 30 emerging markets, according to the Global Retail Development Index developed by AT Kearney, a consultancy. The 10-12% increase in the economy’s disposable income can be seen clearly by the way goods and services are being brought and sold. Retail Trade contributes 10-11% of India’s GDP and currently employs over 4 crore people.


The changing retail landscape in Jakarta

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Some 30 years ago, Jakarta was introduced to modern shopping centers. Initially, they were built to cater for the needs of Jakarta’s affluent to shop for branded goods, particularly fashion products and accessories. All shopping centers in that period were dominated by fashion, apparel and accessories stores — and the department store was the most common anchor at that time.

Read it here

Farmers Set Up Markets in Malls


You might not expect to find them there, but farmers are increasingly setting up their stalls at markets located in malls. General Growth Properties, which operates malls across the country, has farmers markets in 18 separate locations, according to the Arizona Daily Star. One market located at a mall in Northridge, Cal., regularly draws crowds of up to 5,000 people since opening 10 years ago.

Managing Through Tough Times


At the last presentation at the NRF convention, Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, and Jon Luther, executive chairman of Dunkin' Brands, discussed the importance of building morale and maintaining a company's culture when managing the current downturn.
In the session entitled "How Leadership Triumphs Hardship," the executives pointed to a few other keys to managing difficulty times, referencing learnings from the recent downturn. These included preserving cash, continuing to invest in the customer experience and innovation, and not straying from what had made a business successful.

Fifth HyperCity opens in Thane

Hypermarket chain HyperCity is set to open its fifth store in India, at Thane in Maharashtra, on January 14, 2010. The state already has two HyperCity outlets present in Malad, Mumbai and Vashi. The other two operational outlets are at Jaipur and Hyberabad. Following the opening tomorrow, the chain will occupy a total retail space of about 5 lakh square feet across its five stores.

Reliance Retail plans 45 books & music stores by 2014

The Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail plans to open as many as 45 books and music stores under the brand name of Reliance TimeOut, over the next five years.
The multi-format retailer, which operates seven stores of Time Out now, said it wants to tap the Rs 3,500-crore book retailing industry, of which only 40 per cent is organised at present.

Reliance Retail to get off the mark on Aug 1

RIL is set to make its retail foray on August 1, sources said. RIL may announce its retail plans at its AGM on June 29.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bharti-Walmart flagship brand faces opposition:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which recently launched several of its global private labels in India, through joint venture Bharti-Walmart Pvt. Ltd, is facing opposition to efforts to register its flagship brand Great Value (GV) here, according to information from the Indian trademark office's website.

Hope rides on retail


Though the hangover from last year's economic slowdown continues to weigh on it, the retail sector is gearing up for the next wave of growth.
While retail sales globally are still down, there is some respite for the industry in India. If industry analysis is anything to go by, a strong recovery is in prospect.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009: organised retail feels recession pangs

 India’s retail industry boom gave way to despair in 2009 as consumers held back big spending, forcing some companies to restructure finances, while recession-battered western retail chains would have felt glad they were not allowed to set shop. Although the UPA government returned to power, minus the push and pulls of Left parties, it decided to keep western multi-brand retail chains off from the country’s $450 -billion retail market.

Reliance TimeOut – the Biggest Beneficiary of the Economic Meltdow


Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail Ltd plans to open a total of 45 stores of its books and music retailing business—Reliance TimeOut—across India over the next 3-5 years.

Planet Sports expands in India


The multi-brand sports lifestyle retail chain, Planet Sports, which currently operates over 69 stores, has recently added three more stores in Ranchi, Vadodra and Hyderabad.

Its Ranchi store is spread over an area of 1300 square feet, where as its Vadodra's store occupies the retail space of 2,160 square feet in Center Square Mall. Its Hyderabad store is spread over an area of 2,200 square feet in Inorbit Mall.

Retailers see innovation, speed as keys to growth

Retailers are using a host of strategies in adapting to the downturn -- from improving their products to expanding their e-commerce businesses -- which they hope will better position themselves for a rebound in the economy.

Tesco's CEO Identifies Growth Drivers

With global economies appearing to be on the mend, Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive, Tesco PLC, on Tuesday identified six drivers for growth coming out of the recession. They ranged from 'trust' to 'convenience' to 'climate change.'

Retail Customer Experience: Four ways to get online shoppers to contribute reviews

Online reviews, which once gave brand managers and marketing executives stomachaches, is now pervasive, and becoming more important with each passing day. According to a recent Nielsen study, 70 percent of shoppers said they trust consumer opinions posted on retail websites.

With the help of Viewpoints Network, which operates the consumer-facing review aggregator Viewpoints.com, Sears launched two social networking community websites, MySears.com and MyKmart.com. The sites has since registered more than 400,000 users and see two million monthly visits.

Rob Harles, Sears' vice president of community, said that in the early days of the sites, motivation for shoppers to contribute reviews was simply the ability to be heard. Shortly thereafter, they implemented a reputation system that gives "badges" to users based on their level of involvement -- users that write a lot of reviews or get a lot of friends will receive corresponding kudos to display on their profile pages.

"And we're gradually experimenting with small incentives -- usually not monetary ones but soft benefits like sneak peeks and advance notice of things that are hard to get," he added.

Also key to the sites' success, Mr. Harles noted, is the ease with which users can go from casual user to active contributor. "We are one of the first major retailers to sign up for Open ID," he said. "We're going to intercept people where they are. You can use your Facebook or Twitter or Yahoo or Google account to log in, if you want."

Retail consultant Mike Wittenstein offers these four practical tips for retailers wanting to turn their browsers and buyers into generators of content:

Just ask. Go through product registration cards and invite people, especially those with multiple purchases in a single category and those who have shopped online in the last six months. Among that group, home in on store credit cardholders first, inviting them to join an "advisor's circle" to kick-start the community pages.
Offer an incentive. When review aggregator Kudzu launched, for instance, they paid for the first few entries under each company. Manufacturers and brands could potentially foot part of the bill for this.
Use data mining to determine which products already have online reviews (on the manufacturer, brand and/or distributor websites). With proper permission and attribution, port those reviews over to get the flow of content started.
Enhance contributor profile pages, without revealing personal information, so that browsers are attracted to reviewers with similar interests -- for instance, a review of a dishwasher might resonate with parents if the reviewer is designated as "Mother of three, two of whom are infants with lots of bottles to rinse."
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Signs point to a retail rebound

Early estimates of holiday retail sales show the season might not have been as bleak as analysts had predicted.
On Monday, ShopperTrak's National Retail Sales Estimate reported retail sales increased 1.7 percent for the 2009 holiday shopping season.

Reliance Footprint brings in ASICS to India

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Reliance Footprint, the footwear specialty store of Reliance Retail and ASICS Corporation Japan, one of world’s leading sporting manufacturers today (Jan. 12) announced an exclusive partnership between the two companies.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

South India's largest mall is 97 % leased, to open in February

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With 215-plus retail units, 30 escalators, 18 lifts and a built-up area of a whopping 1.3 million square feet, the much-awaited Mantri Mall (now formally named Mantri Square) in Bangalore is getting ready to open next month.

Kodak plans to open 100 stores by 2012

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Imaging and printing solutions provider, Kodak India plans to open 100 Kodak Express stores in the country over the next two years, with an estimated investment of Rs 15 crore, a company official said.
"We plan to open 100 Kodak Express stores by 2012 with an investment of Rs 15 lakh per store. Our main focus will be major metros and tier II cities," Kodak India's Vice-President (Marketing) P N Raghuvir said here.

Raymond to open 200 stores

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Apparel major Raymond plans to open over 200 stores across the country in the next one and half years to grow its business.
“We have opened 100 stores in the last three months and plans to open 200 plus stores in the next 18 months” Raymond Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director Gautam Hari Singhania told PTI.

Reliance Retail to open outlets at corporates' premises

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail has devised a new business model, under which it will open small outlets at the premises of large corporates.
The company, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, will soon approach big corporate houses with this proposal to implement the novel business plan, a top Reliance Retail Official said.

Vision Express forays into Mumbai

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Fastest growing eyewear retail chain in India opens 41st outlet in the country to mark its first anniversary.

Vision Express, the 50-50 Joint Venture between Reliance Retail and Pearle Europe, expands its base nationally on the occasion of its first anniversary, by foraying into Mumbai.

Future Group plans 900 KB's Fair Price and 350 Big Bazaar stores

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Future Group is planning to open about 850 to 900 KB’s Fair Price shops. The locations have yet not been finalised, but the retailer shall expand in the same market clusters it has a presence in. In an exclusive interview with IndiaRetailing, Damodar Mall, group customer director at Future Group stated, "We will expand KB’s Fair Price shops in select towns. First, it will be a concentrated approach in the markets we are already present in — Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore."

Customer-Centric Technologies in Demand

A new report from U.K.-based Ovum finds that while retailers will still be looking at technologies to further cut costs in what's expected to be another challenging year, a major focus will be on finding new ways to build relationships with customers.

2010 - The Year of Transparent Retailing


It's very tempting to try to declare that 2010 will be the year of the mobile consumer. However, I think 2010 will see the real beginning of something bigger, and that is "transparent retailing."
By transparent, I mean retailers will have to provide consumers with more access, at a more granular level, to more information about their operations and how consumers fit into those operations. It might be as simple as providing consumers with searchable, analyzable purchase history online, or as complex as providing the carbon footprint of products or processes. It might come from the mobile channel, through price or availability comparisons, or from the online channel around product reviews or ratings.
There are three trends at play that will converge in 2010, I believe, that will force retailers into more transparent retailing:

Monday, January 11, 2010


After Forum, Big Bazaar and Total, Koramangala, one of the poshest localities in the city, will soon have a new address for shopping. The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) will demolish its complex in III block and replace it with glitzy mallcum-multiplex.
The 20-year-old complex, constructed by the BDA, has been a landmark structure with over 60 stalls and offices, including the Regional Transport Authority office. Now, it will pave the way for a multistoreyed mall.
The decision to bring down the complex follows a BDA report that the concrete structure has become weak over the years.

Recession scars will linger long after economy heals - By David J. Lynch, USA TODAY

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Despite its lingering ills, the U.S. economy expanded at a solid clip in the final months of 2009 and likely will continue growing in the new year. Even the double-digit unemployment rate is expected to improve by the end of 2010. One day soon, the recession will be officially declared over.
That will be welcome news, but it won't end the pain.

Tesco Refers Shoppers to Smaller Shops

One of the first rules of success in retailing (and life, for that matter) is that you simply can't be all things to all people. That principle, however, has not kept numerous small shops in various categories from going out of business as larger chain stores focus on selling the most popular items at deeply discounted prices.
Recently, Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy expressed regret over his company's role in the demise of small book shops in the U.K.
Eleanor Davies, manager of one-such small shop, The Bookseller reports, wrote to Sir Terry in October and said she could not compete with Tesco on top titles. She then pointed out, however, that she was able to offer "less popular titles and book-buying advice" that Sir Terry's stores could not.
In response, the Tesco that sits opposite Ms. Davies' shop has put up three signs in the store to let shoppers know they can "cross the road to Linghams [Bookshop] where the specialist staff would love to help you."
Ms. Davies said Tesco's assistance has brought her more shoppers. "Obviously they are still going to buy all the cheap ones that we can't compete on at Tesco," she said. "But for range and other titles they may come to us."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

5 signs your retail store needs a makeover

As new stores have opened over the past several years, they have upped the bar, and although your store may still be completely functional, you may be turning off potential customers without knowing. Here are five questions you need to ask yourself to see if your store needs a redesign.
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Gurgaon Central; Mall in NCR without any doors!

A mall without doors — that’s the first impression that Central Gurgaon creates. This is the first seamless mall in NCR and it breaks the conventional image of a mall and the way people shop. There are no separate stores for the 500-odd national and international brands that are present here. Customers can simply walk around the mall without having to step in and step out of different outlets. The moment you step in, you notice the predominance of the colour red in the decor — the simple logic being that it represents fashion and glamour.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Future of Retail Design Is Augmented-Reality Facades

Qosmo working together with Terada Design have created N Building, a retail low-rise whose facade is covered in QR codes. When you snap one with your phone, that in turn tells you information about the shops inside--ranging from what's new, what's on sale, coupons, and even restaurant reservations. And then, things get weird: You can see the Tweets and comments of the people inside, thanks to Twitter geotagging:

Turbulent Times, Reexamined Actual Behavior vs. Expectations


When Unilever reported the results of its Trip Management Report last April, the threat of recession had consumers worried but, for most, the reality hadn't yet hit. Unilever felt that the rich insights derived from that study warranted a deep dive into the data later in the year to see how CPG categories were actually shopped in 2008.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Future Group pulls the plug on 'Bijli Ghar'

Kishore Biyani’s Future Group has shelved its plan to set up standalone stores for retailing electrical and lighting products to conserve cash, according to a company executive.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Retailers mull new strategies for small stores


Large retailers are trying to make their small food and grocery stores viable by trying out new ideas. While some like Reliance Retail are converting most of these stores into a deep-discount value format, RPG Group's Spencer's is looking at the franchising route.
Anand Raghuraman, partner, The Boston Consulting Group, said it is extremely tough to make money on small food and grocery stores.
"It's a crisis situation, and retailers are trying to find answers to some fundamental questions." The problem is that retailers are straddled with a large base of small food & grocery stores -- nearly 700 of them.
Reliance's retail business reported an aggregate loss of Rs 557 crore (Rs 5.57 billion) on revenue of about Rs 4,000 crore (Rs 40 billion) for the year ended March 2009. Half of these losses came from the food and grocery chain, Reliance Fresh, which reported a net loss of Rs 249.30 crore (Rs 2.49 billion) on revenue of Rs 1,778.06 crore (Rs 17.78 billion); the rest came from other formats.
Retailers have been trying to figure out how they can make the small stores viable. Industry sources said that Reliance Retail is now looking at a heavy-discount format; the stores will offer very little service, no air-conditioning but prices will be much lower than kirana stores.
A Reliance spokesman did not respond to an emailed query.
Similarly, Spencer's is looking at franchising these smaller stores. Devangshu Dutta, the chief executive of Third Eyesight, a retail consultancy, said this can work if the franchisee is involved in the operations.
"In food, the margins are very low. If it's a good site, you can offset lower margins with higher throughput,'' he said.
Franchising has worked well in footwear and apparel retail where margins are higher at around 25 per cent. In food and grocery, the average gross margins are around 15 per cent.
If food stores can achieve double the sales of apparel stores, they could be viable for franchisees. A brand like Spencer's would be able to drive-in footfalls.
A franchisee could be someone who has a space to rent out, an existing retailer, or a commodity trader entering the retail business. It can also be an existing kirana store owner who will gain from the marketing and the sourcing support of a retail chain.
"There are franchisees who have 15 to30 outlets and handle four to five brands. But for it to work in food, the franchisees need to be active and involved in operations,'' said Dutta.
If they are not, wastage, error and theft (which is very high in India) can eat into the net margins, and make the stores unviable.